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Friday, March 25, 2011

Debt Settlement Scams

In the time of recession, a large number of Americans who are in debt, looking to eliminate their debt as quickly as possible. And as a result most of them are looking to get debt settlement services.

The debt settlement programs were actually started to help those people who had very little debt and wanted to settle their debt with creditors in a very short time. Only for those customers who had a debt amount of $1.000 and debt settlement companies used to provide creditors with only 0.50 cents on the dollar.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Overview Of Reverse Mortgage

We often hear about the reverse mortgage plan from our friends, family or others. You may also have heard about it in television or in newspapers that there are many reverse mortgage companies available in the market nowadays. But despite all these, many of us are still have no idea what a reverse mortgage is all about and what are its benefits.

A reverse mortgage is basically for those people who are equal or more than 62 years of age. Through this process home-owners can get the loan as a line of credit or a lump from their home. And when they sell their home or pass away, this money will be paid automatically to their creditors.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How To Be Aware Of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is one of the very common cases today. And the people who are being victims of these cases, they face intense stress. If you have a credit card, you should always be aware of all the security features of the card. If you are looking for a new credit card then you must make sure that the card will offer you plenty of security. There are some ways through which  you can protect yourself from such fraud cases.

1. Always have a detailed look of the monthly credit card statement. It is the most prudent way to save yourself from any case of fraud. If you carefully read your monthly statements then you can see if your card has experienced any kind of fraudulent use.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tips To Avoid Creditor Harassment

Creditors harass their debtors so often nowadays. And this makes their life so painful. So you need some tips to keep your creditors out of your reach.

First of all, you need to do the payments on time to aloof the harassment from creditors. If you fail to do so, then you must inform your creditors that you are going through some financial difficulties this time around and also assure them that you will make all the payments within a specified period of time. They can also be informed about the schemes from which you would arrange the money. In this way they will not bother you while you're trying to get things resolved.

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