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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Instant Payday Advances - Your Loan, Your Business

If you have ever been in the position of going to your employer to ask for a cash advance until payday, then you may have experienced both embarrassment and a sense of annoyance that one of your colleagues had to know so much about your personal circumstances. Instant payday advances from online providers are completely different.

For a start, since instant payday advances may be available online, there's no reason for anyone, other than those you chose to tell, to know anything about it at all.

Not only that, you may typically find that there are no questions in the application process about why you need the money. The fact that you are looking for a fast cash injection and the reason that you want one is nobody's business but your own.

Your requirements for a payday loan may be simple enough:

  • with a few days or weeks to go until payday, you find yourself a bit short of ready cash;
  • you'd like to borrow a relatively modest amount, say £100-£250, that you would repay when you next get paid or perhaps on the payday after that;
  • you'd really like the cash as quickly as possible.

Payday cash advances can provide you with just what you are looking for and if your bank can handle fast transfers you may find that the cash could be in your account ready for you to use in just two hours.

Payday loan providers may ask that you are:

  • UK resident and over 18;
  • the owner of a bank account, which ideally should have a debit card;
  • in a job which provides you with a regular and predictable income;
  • asking for a sum of money which makes sense when viewed against your income and your other expenditure.

While the reasons that you may want a payday loan are yours and yours alone, there are some situations where cash advances may not be a suitable solution.

For example, since these are by nature short term arrangements, they may not be suitable for debt consolidation of rescheduling purposes or in situations where you find yourself running short of cash every month.

Instant payday advances may give you the flexibility you need to get you through a difficult month without letting the whole world in on your business.


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