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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Instant Payday Advances - Your Loan, Your Business

If you have ever been in the position of going to your employer to ask for a cash advance until payday, then you may have experienced both embarrassment and a sense of annoyance that one of your colleagues had to know so much about your personal circumstances. Instant payday advances from online providers are completely different.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Your Home Loan Approved With Bad Credit

Applying for a home loan these days calls for some “heavy” qualifications. You must have a low debt to income ratio, able to make big down payments, and have good credit standing. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain a good credit standing, and in some point of your life you might have some delayed payments, which are marked in your credit history. There are also cases wherein loan applicants have suffered bad credit because of a foreclosure or bankruptcy. A bad credit history can easily get your home loan rejected instantly.

Balloon Home Loans - Risky Or Beneficial?

Looking for a loan to finance a home can be a tricky business, mainly because there are many type of loans out there. Picking the right kind of home loan can either benefit the borrower in some ways, or put him and his house together at risk. While it’s true that banks would try their best to come up with a loan offering that is best fits the borrower’s paying ability, it may not be true at all times.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Negotiate Your Debts

Do you want to get rid of an old loan but you are held back because it has grown tremendously? Credit card debt and other loans tend to grow if they remain unpaid because of the continuously rolling over of interest rates plus penalties and other charges. That is why your old loan may be more than the original amount you owed.

If this is the case, you may seek a possible debt settlement from your creditor. Debt settlement is a serious business transaction. It is an agreement wherein you and your loan provider would agree to trim down your loan amount so you could repay it sooner. It is typical for borrowers who have fallen into default or who have not been able to pay amortisations for quite some time.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fixed Annuities Are The Best Saving Instruments

According to recent survey, published in the Independent, more than half the adults are losing their entire pension upon their death. This is leaving their loved and dear ones almost stranded.
The study also found that almost 39% of the couples have almost nothing in place to ensure that their income will continue to be paid if any one of them dies. The other thing is that a further of about 13% people, simply posses no idea of what will actually happen to their pension. They also have no idea about their other investments. This is lack of any investment ideas, regarding fixed annuities.

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