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Sunday, July 3, 2011

How To Lower Your Home Business Costs

As a home business owner, you're probably intensely concerned with saving money. The less money you spend to keep your business operating, the more profit you will make. If your business income is limited it's even more vital to cut costs-you might need to evaluate your business practices and reduce your overhead. Following are a few tips that may help you lower your home business costs.

Using outmoded office equipment is probably eating up electricity. Switching to modern, updated computers, monitors, and printers may cost a bit upfront, but will undoubtedly save you a bundle due to their efficiency. Instead of travelling to and from the places you do business with to inform them of upgrades in your product line or services, it would save a few miles, and therefore the gasoline you'd be using, to incorporate a conference calling system into your business. Try and set up a time when two or more of your customers can be available and use modern technology to simplify the meeting. This will probably make the customers happy because they won't have to devote any more time to your presentation than they absolutely have to, and will serve the dual purpose of impressing them with the fact that you're thoroughly modern in your approach to business.
Computerised Filing and Mailing
Another way to save money that also takes advantage of modern technology is to keep all your records and files on a computer instead of making a printout of everything. It will cut your office supply costs tremendously because you won't have to buy paper and ink quite so often. Keep in mind that if you do this your entire business history will be on your computer. Be sure and back up the information, and then create a backup to the backup. You may even want to keep a backup disk offsite in case of theft, fire, or some other natural disaster. Having the backup will allow you to maintain business operations in the event of a disaster. It will also save money to do as much of your communication via e-mail and fax as possible so you can save the cost of envelopes and stamps, not to mention the cost of the trips to the post office.
Get Cheaper Business Insurance
It is possible that you're spending too much on basic insurance coverage. Look into ways of getting cheaper business insurance. Call your local insurance agent and explain your situation to them. Ask them for business insurance quotes that are more in line with your financial situation. After you talk to them, go on the Internet and get some quotes from online insurance companies for comparison. You may be able to save a bit by taking higher deductibles, or consolidating your policies. Most insurance companies will reward their long-time customers with lower rates, so even if the online quotes are somewhat less it may still be worth your while to stick it out with your present insurance provider. They may even be able to offer you discounts that you're not aware of. By establishing a good rapport with your agent you will most likely receive lower rates somewhere down the line.
Talk to Your Suppliers
You may be able to save a little bit of money by talking to your suppliers. Ask them if you can get a better rate by ordering in volume. Frequently a supplier will be able to charge lower rates because they won't have to transport material as often. This saves them money, and you can benefit from it.
More Technology
Start doing as much of your business advertising and marketing online as you possibly can. Using social media marketplaces such as Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis will save quite a bit over the cost of advertising in print publications. You can begin a blog extolling the virtues of your business in a conversational, yet professional, manner. This is a day and age of online communication, and by joining the masses that communicate in this fashion you'll be letting everyone know you're on the cutting edge with your business.
A tried and true method of saving money on any business venture is to create a budget that is within your means, and stick to it. Keep meticulous records so you'll know when you're going over budget, and then take steps to get back in line with your spending.

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