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Friday, July 15, 2011

Forex System Trading vs. Manual Trading

I have always been told by one wise person, that everything turns out to show its true side in comparison. Well, the same about trading Forex. I have been into trading for some period of time. But when I found out something new about currency trading, Forex system trading in particular, I was really interested to compare the Forex system to Forex manual trading. And that’s what I found out.

Forex manual trading really loses comparing to Forex system trading. Trading the old way, it’s easy to lose the money because of the bare emotion. Emotions are not automatic, they can happen any moment. No one is fully secured. Also, manual trading can’t long 24/7; it’s really unnatural for a human. But all of these things can be provided with Forex system trading! No one can actually watch the 12 indicators at the time as well, and then make a decision in a moment, but if you’re trading with Forex system, it’s possible. You can just leave your fears and worries aside and let the system trade for you. But, even mentioning that Forex system trading wins, not all the Forex automated software is the same.

Some Forex trading systems are good, some are bad, and this is life. What helps greatly is comparing. You can compare two or three systems and find out which is optimal for you. I found out that mine one is EA Shark from ForexEAsystems, and EA Sigma works well for me too. These are the high-end systems with very low drawdown, based on the unique neuronal network for being adaptive to the market changes. Also they show good results of the back testing. Now that’s what I call the good Forex system trading!

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