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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Debt Collection: Know Your Rights As A Consumer

Tired of your phone ringing off the hook because of collection calls? Are creditors endangering your job by calling your office or embarrassing you by reaching out to your neighbors with scare tactics? You are not alone. Most Americans legitimately want to pay off their bills, but many are unable to in this down economy. Moreover, just because you them money, it doesn't mean that your creditors are free to behave in any manner they wish to collect it.

Consumers are protected against predatory debt collection techniques by something called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Credit Act. Not only are third parties required to be truthful and treat you with respect, but they must also cease and desist the constant calling if you submit a written request for them to do so. The fact that it must be written is key; simply saying it to them over the phone is not going to cut it.

The collectors are also forbidden from threatening, harassing or cursing off debtors. On top of that, they are not permitted to threaten with law suits that they either do not intend to follow through with or cannot go through with for any reason. Unfortunately for those in debt, there are plenty of unscrupulous collection firms that give the industry a bad name by knowingly ignoring the rules of the game in an attempt to maximize their intake. If they ignore your verbal and written requests to stop such devious practices, then you should look into a consumer protection attorney to put an end to those debt collectors calling.

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